The ion source team has lead a Work Package in the CRISP European project (2011-2014). The package included an ion source activity dedicated to the design and construction of an upgraded version of the PHOENIX V2 source named PHOENIX V3 (see figure 1). The new design relies on the feedback learned on the existing ion source. PHOENIX V3 will benefit from a better residual pressure (UHV seals and dynamic pumping on the rear part of the source), a larger plasma chamber volume (Ø89 mm, L 220 mm instead of Ø63 mm, L 200) and a preserved high magnetic confinement. Improvement of the high charge states intensities (M/Q=3) is expected to reach 50 to 100%, depending on the ion of interest, up to the mass 50.


 Figure 1: Sectional view of PHOENIX V3

The detailed design of the ion source was achieved in May 2014. The last purchase order was assed in July 2014. The source final assembly is scheduled for December 2014. The source commissioning will be done during the year 2015 in collaboration with the GANIL. Next, PHOENIX V3 will move to the SPIRAL2 accelerator to replace the V2 version in order to deliver enhanced ion beam intensities to the physics experiments (S3). 


Figure 2: PHOENIX V3 injection assembly including two WR62 waveguides, a Ø20 mm oven feed access, a bias disk.