Activity report 2010-2011


Foreword and LPSC presentation

Quarks, Leptons, Fundamental Interactions

  • DØ experiment at the Tevatron
  • ATLAS experiment at the LHC
  • ILC project
  • UCN group (ultra-cold neutrons)

Astroparticle, Cosmology

  • High-energy cosmic rays (AMS and CREAM)
  • Cosmic rays of ultra-high energy (AUGER)
  • Cosmic background study : PLANCK experiment
  • Cosmology : theory and experiment LSST
  • Directional detection of dark matter with MIMAC

Hadrons and Nuclei

  • ALICE experiment at LHC
  • Nuclear structure of neutron-rich nuclei
  • Hadrons structure

Reactor Physics

  • Nuclear data for reactor physics
  • Sub-critical reactors : GUINEVERE program / FREYA
  • Concept MSFR (Molten Salt Fast Rector) development
  • Thorium cycle in water reactors

Theoretical Physics

  • Perturbative QCD and precision calculations
  • Beyond the Standard Model
  • Grand unification theories
  • Network calculations
  • Nuclei, Hadrons and Systems with a small number of bodies

Interdisciplinary research

  • Medical profiler
  • CRPMN : plasmas, materials and nanostructures

Accelerator pole and ion sources

  • SPIRAL2 project
  • GENEPI-3C Accelerator for the program GUINEVERE
  • GENEPI-2 Accelerator
  • Prototype ECR ions source 60 GHz
  • Ion sources applications


  • IAP3 Platform: plasma physics
  • Molten Salt Platform
  • Nuclear Physics Platform
  • Grid computing

Support and services

  • Administrative and Financial Service
  • Documentation and Communications
  • Radiation and Safety Service
  • General Services
  • Detector and Instrumentation Service
  • Mechanical Service : studies and realisations
  • Electronic Service
  • Computer Service

Valorisation and Technology Transfer

  • Laboratory of low radioactivity measurements
  • Electronic Service : Project MASSAR
  • Ion sources Service : COMIC sources for FIB
  • Astrophysics Group : Project COMIMAC
  • Computing Service : Software ZNeTS
  • Group Development and Medical Applications
  • Research Group : Plasmas, Materials, Nanostructures

Education and Training through research

Scientific knowledge Transmission

Seminars, Publications

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