PhD thesis offers 2022-2025

Spécialité : Plasmas, Matériaux & Nanostructures

Spécialité : Physique Subatomique et Astroparticules

Spécialité : Physique Théorique

Spécialité : Physique des réacteurs

Spécialité : Physique Nucléaire et Applications Médicales


PhD thesis offers 2021-2024

Specialty: Theoretical Physics
  • Artificial Proto-Modelling for Dispersed Signals at the LHC 

PhD thesis offers 2020-2023

Specialty: Subatomic and Astroparticle Physics
  • Cluster comology with NIKA2
  • Galaxy cluster cosmology in the LSST era
  • Study of the interaction of hard probes with the quark-gluon plasma in ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collisions with the ALICE experiment at lhc
  • Search for new physics via the neutrino coherent scattering with the Ricochet project
  • Identification of ultra high energy photons for multi-messenger astrophysics purpose with the upgraded Pierre Auger Observatory.
Specialty: Theoretical Physics
  • Axion models
  • Black holes and the primordial universe as probes for quantum gravity
  • Beyond the Standard Model phenomenology with focus on computing/data science
Specialty: Nuclear Physics and Medical Applications
  • Improved prediction of the biological effect for targeted innovative radiotherapies involving short-range ions (obtaining credits to be confirmed)
  • Design of a beam monitor demonstrator based on the use of diamond detectors for the online control of high intensity pulsed beams

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