W and Z associated Higgs production, H decaying to 2 photons

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  • Fairouz Malek
  • Bertrand Brelier (PhD)
  • Georges Azuelos (Université de Montréal)

We search for a SM Higgs boson, in the mass range 110-140 GeV, decaying to two photons, produced in association with a Z or a W boson. This channel is used to enhance the significance of the Standard Model Higgs discovery potential and to improve the precision in the evaluation of the ZZH and WWH couplings.
Three distinct signal topologies are considered separately, where H -> photon photon  is accompanied by:

  • (i) a lepton, resulting mostly from the WH channel; 
  • (ii) high missing transverse momentum, largely due to the ZH channel;  
  • (iii) dijets with invariant mass in the range 70-100 GeV, when the gauge bosons decay hadronically.  

The main backgrounds are prompt photon photon , Wphoton  -> e nu photon , and photon  + jet. Therefore, electron/photon discrimination, photon-jet rejection and missing E_T reconstruction are of outmust importance in our analyzes. For good statistical precision, the study is performed for an integrated luminosity of 100 fb-1, but low instantaneous luminosity of 1033 cm-2 s-1 is assumed and the statistical significance is evaluated for 30 fb-1.