The ion source team is involved in the national effort to design and build the SPIRAL2 accelerator since 2003. Specifically, the team leads the "Q/A=1/3 Ion source" task of the accelerator section and offers its expertise, its equipments and infrastructures to the project. The lead was next extended to the construction and commissioning of the heavy ion low energy beam line transfer at LPSC (2009-2012). The team delivered the PHOENIX V2 heavy ion source to the accelerator tunnel in June 2014. PHOENIX V2 will be used to commission the accelerator in 2015 and deliver the early beams for physics experiments. An enhanced version of this former source, named PHOENIX V3, has been designed in 2013-2014 and will be tested at LPSC in 2015. The goal is to improve the metallic heavy ion beam intensities as recently requested by the S3 experiment.