Les serveurs du noeud de grille du LPSC : IN2P3-LPSC

A LPSC grid node called IN2P3-LPSC was created beginning of 2008 to meet the computing ressources requests of the LHC group (ATLAS and ALICE) of the laboratory. IN2P3-LPSC is a Tier 2 grid node of the W-LCG (WorldWide LHC Grid Computing) and is part of the LCG-France project that manage the French infrastructure.


The technical description of the LPSC grid node is here.

In practice...

Practical information for LPSC grid node use may be found in this wiki page (some information only in French...)

Some links useful to get the site status:

  • Ganglia Monitoring (Restricted acces): IN2P3-LPSC Ganglia
  • French site status according to ATLAS dashboard
  • Production status using panda production page
  • Analysis status using panda analysis page
  • French T3 analysis status with panda analysis T3 page
  • Available LPSC diskspace : spacetoken
  • DDM subscriptions page