This service is in charge of design, manufacturing and development of mechanical systems used for the assembly or the modification of systems, more particularly in these fields:

the nuclear physics experiments,
experiments in particle physics,
accelerators and their future developments.

This activity is part of own LPSC's projects and of French and international collaborations.

The services range from supporting the management of complex work, including the management of subcontractors. Our resources allow the production of sets of general mechanics, boilerworks, but also instrumentation and control command:

  • mechanical assemblies and major laboratory instruments;
  • cryogenics and vacuum modules: pressure chambers, vacuum mechanisms, and for special low temperature environements;
  • supports and welded assemblies of various metals;
  • motorization and automation systems;
  • hydraulic systems, pneumatic installations, thermalization systems, mechanical assemblies using specific materials, specific surface treatments and advanced 3D machining.

The mechanical Dpt also offers to other laboratories and research institutes services in calculation, study and realization of mechanical parts requiring the use of CNC machining centers.

The SERM regularly provides training on SMARTEAM and CATIA within IN2P3.

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