The low energy beam line transfer (LEBT) of SPIRAL2 has been designed by GANIL, CEA/IRFU and IPNO.

The LEBT has been assembled at LPSC, under the lead of LPSC and IPNL, between mid-2008 and mid-2009. The LEBT assembly was the first opportunity of the project partners to come and validate the accelerator components in real conditions : mechanics, vacuum, PLC, beam instrumentation, collimation, beam optics, command controls...  The LEBT successfully reached its design goal: a residual pressure under operation of 10-8 mbar (to limit ion charge exchange through the beam pipe), a beam transmission efficiency of ~90% and beam emittances lower than the max accelerator specification (<0.4

The LEBT was dismounted in June 2014 and sent to GANIL for its final installation in the accelerator tunnel. The first LEBT beam is expected in early 2015.

caolbe lbelpsc

Low energy beam line transfer of SPIRAL2 (left: design , right: installed at LPSC)

O6+ beam emittance measured in the LEBT