ERT Plasmas HF with HEF R&D

The creation of an ERT on plasmas maintained by microwave result of the common will of the society HEF R & D and the LPSC-CRPMN to establish a strong and lasting partnership. This ERT Plasmas HF, led by Jacques PELLETIER, was labeled by the MENRT for the duration of the Quadrennial Contract of the LPSC (2007-2010). Its objective, as part of a joint work carried out with the help of a CIFRE contract is to remove technological barriers related to industrial transfer to the HEF Group of plasma technologies designed and developed at the CRPMN.

Boreal Plasma

Boreal Plasma is a start up from CNRS, created in January 2005. This company aims to industrialize under CNRS-UJF licenses plasma technologies developed at the CRPMN, especially multi-dipolar plasmas and microwave matrix plasma.



This latest collaboration is part of the objectives of scientific interest group (GIS) established in 2007 between IN2P3 and THALES. It focuses on the development, in the context of a CIFRE, of solid state microwave generators able to supply  basic plasma sources of multi-dipolar plasma and matrix plasma.