LIA-LITAP / IAP3 Platform

LITAP (International Laboratory for Plasma Technologies and applications) is an international associated CNRS laboratory (LIA), which includes two laboratories in Grenoble, LPSC and SIMAP (Science, Engineering, Materials and Processes Laboratory, UMR5266) together with plasmas groups of the Montreal University and of energy, materials and telecommunications unit in INRS institute. LITAP has been inaugurated on the third of June, 2008 (see picture below) for an extendable 4 years-duration (2007-2010). It is co-directed by Michel Moisan, professor of the Montreal University, and Jacques Pelletier, in charge of the CRPMN team. This LIA allows to coordinate actions between French and Quebec plasma networks (Plasma-Québec and Nano-Québec), especially in plasmas technologies, sterilization, micro and nano-technologies fields, and to share expensive facilities such as the IAP3 platform (International platform for advanced plasma processes) of the LPSC laboratory in Grenoble.

Inauguration of the LITAP


French speaking plasma pathway

Since 2003, a French-speaking formation pathway in the plasm field has been progressively set up between Joseph Fourier, Montreal and Danang (Vietnam) Universities, thanks to the support of the Rhône-Alpes French region (MIRA project coordinated by Ana LACOSTE). Aim is to propose the first plasma formation (Master) in Vietnam by training Vietnamese lecturers and thanks to the setting-up of the first Vietnamese plasma laboratory, in the end of 2009.


The involvement of LPSC-CRPMN and the Danang University in the FV-PPL LIA (France-Vietnam Particle Physics Laboratory), opened in the beginning of 2010, aims at setting-up a coordinated research (elaboration of materials as thin layers for energy conversion) with the plasma laboratory and the Danang University.