The ATLAS physics validation group is responsible for the validation of the tools which are used for simulating and reconstructing ATLAS events. This is a crucial quality control to insure that the physical observables that are used in all the ATLAS physics analysis are correct. Each performance group (electron, muon, jet, ...) and each physics group (Higgs, exotics, top, ...) contributes to the physics validation group in order to test a large range of observables in events which display a variety of kinematic properties.



  • Marie-Hélène Genest (Co-convener November 2013 - March 2015)
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      • MC15 status (slides), ATLAS Weekly, 17/03/2015.
      • Physics validation (slides, video), ATLAS Week, 12/02/2014
  • Mengqing Wu (December 2012-December 2013): validation for the supersymmetry group