The LSM national platform is located in Modane, it is under the supervision of IN2P3 - CNRS and Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA).

With fundamental research as the primary aim, this national platform is located at the french-italian border in the middle of the Fréjus highway tunnel. Installed under 1700m of rocks, shielded from cosmic rays, it provides a unique environment allowing experiments with ultra low radioactivity (a few mBq/m3) when using radon filtering systems.

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The national platform is an experimental fundamental physics facility dedicated to direct detection of dark matter and to the study of neutrinos via zero neutrino double beta decay experiments. The platform is presently hosting the following international experiments : EDELWEISS, NEWS, MIMAC for dark matter search, and SUPERNEMO, TGV, SHINE for neutrinos studies. The platform is a partner of these international collaborations.

Additionally, the national platform hosts a Gamma spectrometry facility comprising 16 germanium detectors. This facility allows precise radioactivity measurements driving selection and validation of material used in the building of detection systems for fundamental physics experiments. This facility is largely opened to scientists working in the field of geosciences and environmental studies (datation etc…).

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Contact: Christophe Vescovi