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The SDI was initially composed of "group technicians" and technical staff from the SARA cyclotron facility.

Successive department leaders:

  • Jacques Berger, leader from 1998 to 2002
  • Patrick Stassi, leader from 2003 to 2019
  • Jean-François Muraz, leader since 2020

The SDI is composed of 15 persons (6 IR, 3 IE, 5 AI et 1 T)


The SDI was created in order to cover the design, realization and implementation of instrumental set up for the laboratory experiments. It was especially designed to provide expertise in the developpment of detectors used in subatomic and cosmology physics experiments.

Studies, developments, realization, implementation and maintenance of instrumental setups :

  • Studies, realization, integration and implementation
  • Developpments, simulations and characterizations of particle détectors
  • Command and controls, automatic safety systems
  • Data acquisition and analysis

R & D: Research and Development of new technologies in the field of instrumentation:

  • Particle detection (photodetection radiodetection, semiconductors, gas detectors)
  • Materials (thermal, optical, mechanical)
  • Control systems and data acquisition (embedded, wireless, etc. ...)

Assistance in experiments operation (working on site in most cases).

  • Assembly, integration, testing, validation, characterization
  • Packing, transport logistique
  • Instruments deployment on experimental sites and in natural environments

Activity Reports (French):

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