LPSC electronic team involved in the Pixel ATLAS detector to provide Services Type2(partiel), full Type3 et Type4 for  the IBL (Insertable B-Layer) and DBM (Diamond Beam Monitor) detectors as follow:

• Studies and Production of fammily cables and harnesses: Low Voltage, high Voltage, VVDC, AuxPower, CanBus,All DCS (cooling, Opto-services, Tmod), Environment NTC, TempPP2

• Specific production of 300 tools for type2 and type3 connectors at SMGOP (Fontaine F38600)

•EDMS documentation on services

•Global layout of IBL cables

•Services coordination

The all devices were outsourced in 3 batches to Fontaine Insertion :

Lot1 - Commissioning at SR1

Lot 2 - System test at SR1

Lot 3- Atlas pit

A total of 432 Cables and harnesses were built: ~ 30000 meters in length  - 902 Connectors inserted -  budget 250 k€

Cable routing from USA15 (Level-1) to PP2 (below the Calorimeter, white&brun color line), to Muon Box (upper level, white line)  to BBM_54-23x chassis (at the bottom of the pit, dark blue color), and to the calorimeter flange  (rose line)
  IBL services Layout, with all services types, from the detector (at the top), to USA 15 (bottom)


Cabling at PP2 area ServicesType3-Puissance-2
Optobox connexion with µD 51 pins and Lemo68F connectors, inside the flange  

USA 15

Low Votage cables using Positorinc connectors

Positrionic and Lemo68F  VVDC type2
Specific Tools for positronic connector



 µD51 pins 3 rows Glenair  µD1µD2