Vidyo Conferencing

Use a H323 device system to connect to a Vidyo meeting

The system in room "Petite salle du conseil" is NOT compatible with Vidyo

To connect to a Vidyo meeting :

  • switch on the TV,
  • switch on the Polycom (1st floor), or the cisco (3rd floor)
  • if no videoconf welcoming page appears on the TV screen, select the source (top left button of the TV remote) "component" (1rst floor) or "HDMI1" (3rd floor)
  • first you need to connect to a Vidyo gateway, to do so :
    • either call directly: ("." is given by pushing the right button in the circular keypad area)
      • if this one does not work, try,
    • or select "Vidyo Portal Cern1" in the "annuaire";
    • then push the green button with a receiver drawn on it to get connected.
    • if neither of those adresses makes a connection, please check the IP address of the Vidyo portal gateways on the CERN pages ( - they may change from time to time.
  • once you are connected, enter the room number (press "#" on the polycom remote to have access to the numeric pad) followed by the "#" key.

More information available at: CERN help

Use your PC to connect to a Vidyo meeting

(tested with Windows and MAC OS)

Before you start: Vidyo configurations

This should be done before you connect to Vidyo for the first time.

  • unlike EVO, you have to download and install the Vidyo software on your PC;
    • to do so, open your web browser and direct it to the CERN portal:
    • or any other portal you may be required to go to in the case of a special event;
    • Vidyo is free of charge.
  • start the Vidyo application
  • enter the Vidyodesktop (to do so: use the third button of the mouse on the logo of the Vidyo application);
  • click on "Configurations"
  • click on the "Network" menu:
    • in the window "Vidyo Proxy", don't select "Always use Vidyo Proxy" and select "Vidyo Proxy Adress: Automatic"
    • make sute that "Home server" is set to ";
    • click on "Apply" and "Save" (not mandatory for Windows).
  • click on the "Devices" menu:
    • select the option "Echo Cancellation";
    • click on "Apply" and "Save" (not mandatory for Windows).
    • Please note: this parameter is also accessible while running a meeting by clicking on the Wheel Symbol at the right of the upper menu.

Connect to a meeting

  • open your web browser and direct it to the CERN portal:
  • connect with your CERN username and password (or any special username/password, e.g. for a given conference or a school)
  • you should then either:
    • join a given conference room:
      • simply enter the room name in the given field, and click on "Join Room".
    • create a chat:
      • join your own room (a Vidyo window appears);
      • in the original web page, select "Control Meeting" (at the upper right side);
      • click on the "Add Participant" logo (a green icon representing a person with a white "+" sign on top);
      • and then simply add the name of the person you want to invite to your room ("Catherine Biscarat" for example).

Useful Options

  • list names of all participants on the Vidyo Screen: click on wheel - options - show participant names - apply - save

How to add a polycom (only used in specific cases)

When you connect your PC to a meeting and you add the polycom system, people in the meeting can not see the LPSC room through the polycom unless the main meeting room connect the polycom from outside; this method is rarely used (for the masterclass for example), it would be impossible for meetings like regular ATLAS meeting; in this case, please use the polycom system directly to connect the meeting.

  • connect to a meeting with your PC as usual;
  • then select the "control meeting" menu and click on the "add a participant" logo (a green icon representing a person with a white "+" sign on top);
  • enter the IP address (with a 21 in front of the IP) or the room name (only possible if the room is already registred in the CERN system); at the LPSC this means:
    • salle 300 A: 21134.158.40.52 or ROOM_IN2P3_GRENOBLE;
  • in order to use the camera of the videoconferencing system, simply switch off the camera of your PC (camera logo in the upper menu of the Vidyo window).
  • when your meeting is over, remember to disconnect the videoconference system.
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