Zimbra at CCIN2P3

Detailled documentation in French with screen copies here :

1 - 1 Web client

You can access to your Zimbra account here

using your_lpsc_login@… as id and your lpsc's password.

1 - 2 IMAP Client

Configure manually a new account in Thundebird with the following informations

IMAP server port 993 SSL/TLS Normal Password

SMTP server port 465 SSL/TLS Normal Password

Id your_lpsc_login@…

Once Thunderbird is configured to read mails at CC and LPSC you can drag and drop any useful mailbox ffrom LPSC's account to Zimbra account

Smartphone configuration uses the same informations.

1 - 3 Import LPSC's Calendar and address book

  • From Thunderbird export your calendar into an ICS file, menu Event and task / export calendar
  • Then you can import your calendar and address book into Zimbra, tab Preferences / Import /export
  • To see your calendar from Thunderbird, just create a CALDAV calendar with URL ​
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