Utilisation des clusters Ciment

Connexion sur Ciment

ssh -i .ssh/id_rsa
ssh ciment-grid

Créer un job.jdl

  "name": "pp_13TeV_jinEMCAL_0",
  "resources": "core=1",
  "exec_file": "on the worker node (pull from irods in the prologue)",
  "exec_file": "\$HOME/pp_13TeV_jinEMCAL_0/", 
  "param_file": "on the server front-end from where campaign is submitted: killeen, fostino...",
  "param_file": "/home/ciment/boutherin/param.txt",
  "test_mode": "false",
  "type": "best-effort",
  "prologue": [
    "set -e",
    "source /applis/ciment/v2/env.bash",
    "module load irods",
    "mkdir -p \\$HOME/pp_13TeV_jinEMCAL_0",
    "cd \\$HOME/pp_13TeV_jinEMCAL_0",
    "iget -f pp_13TeV_jinEMCAL/",
    "iget -f pp_13TeV_jinEMCAL/Config.C",
    "iget -f pp_13TeV_jinEMCAL/sim.C",
    "iget -f pp_13TeV_jinEMCAL/rec.C",
    "chmod u+x",
    "iget -r -f alisoft",
    "cd alisoft",
    "tar -xf alisoft.tar",
    "rm -f alisoft.tar",
    "imkdir -p pp_13TeV_jinEMCAL_\\$CIGRI_CAMPAIGN_ID"
  "epilogue": [
    "rm -Rf \\$HOME/pp_13TeV_jinEMCAL_0"
  "clusters": {
    "fontaine": {
      "project": "alice_hic_btagging",
      "walltime": "06:00:00"
    "gofree": {
      "project": "alice_hic_btagging",
      "walltime": "06:00:00"

Commandes utiles

gridstat -f No_de_job
gridevent No_de_job
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