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Patrick Stassi

Photodetection, Radiodetection, Control systems, Quality

(Head of department)

Jean-François Muraz

Detectors design, assembly and testing

(Deputy head of department)

Mohammed Chala

Experiments assemby, Control systems

Florent Collovati

Instrumentation & Teaching support

Olivier Guillaudin

Pixelized gaz detectors design, Simulation

Murielle Heusch

Thin materials, Chemistry

Julien Marpaud

Instrumentation, Control systems

Marc Marton

CAD Design, Experiment assembly, Glueing, Pollishing, Workshop

Sara Marcatili

Detector design, Modelisation, Hadrontherapy

Adeline Richard

Instrumentation, Control systems

Clément Thomassé


Olivier Zimmermann

Control systems, Instrumentation, Document Management Systems, Teaching

Mauro Forlino

Argentinian internship engineer in the ARFITEC program field for the AB-NCT project

Antoine Roux

Internship L3 student for the NRC project