MultiVIEW software GUI

  • Mentoring of early LabVIEW software developements by trainees.
  • Code as well as version (GitLab) and configuration control upgrades. Refactoring to better suit experimentation needs.
  • Improvement of parameters control, monitoring, data acquisition and analysis tools.

Contact : Olivier Zimmermann

  • Design, realization and exploitation of the 3 kW thermal test bench. (25 keV-125 mA electrons beam)
  • Design of the 9Be neutron production target

Jean-François Muraz : Technical Manager
Mohammed Chala : Assembly

  • Design and realization of a calibration device for the ITK demonstrator heater
  • Tool design for MMT

Contact : Adeline Richard

  • Project management at LPSC
  • Participation in the surface photo-detectors maintenance
  • Participation in the elaboration of the cosmic rays radio detection program on the AGER site in Argentina
  • Study and mechanical characterization of a new device prototype for pure water tanks for North site photo-detection
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Patrick Stassi : Photodetection - Radiodetection - Technical Manager
Marc Marton : Detector Assembly
Mohammed Chala : Detector Assembly


190117 14h02 oz download pdfEASIER : Radio detection of very high energy cosmic rays at Pierre Auger Observatory (French)
190117 14h17 oz hyperlinkPierre Auger Observatory

  • Design of a partially microwave permeable cryostat
  • Electromagnetic compatibility testing of infrared photometric sensors

Patrick Stassi : Technical Manager
Julien Marpaud : Temperature control and monitoring of cryostat
Marc Marton : Design/CAO

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  • Definition and development of the LabVIEW application that drives the heavy ions source and beamline injection
  • Measurements and characterization of power couplers
  • Preliminary architecture of the EPICS control system for up-coming charge booster and N+ beamline line
  • Technical guidance and support for development and refactoring of the line control legacy software (LabVIEW), towards PHOENIX V3 upgrade at SPIRAL2 experiment

Olivier Zimmermann : Control systems
Rémi Faure : Control systems
Marc Marton : Coupler conditioning


190117 14h02 oz download pdfSupervision and Spectrums on Low Energy Beamline (SPIRAL 2, Ganil)