For the Division Technique Générale (DTG) of Electricité De France (EDF), the SDI department has developed an instrument to acurately measure snow depth using cosmic rays attenuation. It allows evaluation and forecast of seasonal hydraulic flows, to optimize electricity production.

  • Detector design based on neutron counters
  • Calibration and test setup deployment
  • In lab and wild tests


Olivier Guillaudin : Technical Manager, R&D and Test

Germain Bosson : Electronic design

Mohammed Chala : Test setup realization

Jean-François Muraz : Envelop and shielding design

Marc Marton : Test setup realization


190117 14h02 oz download pdf About EDF DTG (French)

In 2016, SDI designed and furnished a compact and mobile low currents (pA) measurement bench for the Ionising Radiations Dosimetry Laboratory (LDRI) of the Radioprotection and Nuclear Satefy Institute (IRSN).

  • Bench design, instruments integration
  • Control & command software developpment
  • Electrical compliance




Olivier Zimmermann : Technical Manager, Control & Command

Rémi Faure : Control & Command

Mohammed Chala : Assembly and cabling

Jean-François Muraz : Design and material

Patrick Stassi : Project documentation