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 NMCNPThis MCNP (concrete) class is used to built a reactor assembly
 NSerpentNamespace use to couple MURE and Serpent
 CAlphaNTabsAlphaNTabs contains
 CAlphaSpectrumAlphaSpectrum contains a histogram of Alpha ray intensities
 CBasePriorityDefine priorites of nuclear databases to choose nuclei from BaseSummary.dat file
 CBatemanSolverBase class of Bateman-type solvers like Runge-Kutta or CRAM or any other
 CBetaCollectorDefine Beta collector for anti-neutrinos studies
 CBetaSpectraDefine Beta spectra and reaction for anti-neutrinos studies
 CBetaSpectrumBetaSpectrum contains a histogram of Beta ray intensities
 CBlanketReprocessingBlanketReprocessing allows Fuel reprocessing in Core and in Blanket during Evolution
 CCellA Cell is composed from a Shape and a Material
 CCellHeaderHeader of an evolving cell in a binary file
 CCellOccupyThis class holds a list of all positions in the core lattice occupied by one cell (one universe number)
 CCOBRA_ENManages the coupling analysis with thermal hydraulics code COBRA-EN
 CConnectorPluginDefine a Connector plugin
 CControlMaterialA ControlMaterial
 CCRAMSolverBase class of Bateman-type solvers like Runge-Kutta or CRAM or any other
 CEqualReactionComparison operator for Reaction class
 CEvolutionControlEvolutionControl allows interactions with the evolution
 CEvolutionSolverEvolutionSolver class performs the fuel evolution
 CEvolutionWrapperFront-end class for Evolution(): enables easy and comprehensive specification of operation history, as well as core reshuffling
 CEvolutiveSystemEvolutiveSystem class carries out evolution
 CFileHeaderHeader of MURE output binary file
 CFissileEvolutionControlEvolution control for Fissile content
 CFissionProductA Fission Product ZAI with its yield
 CFMeshTallyDefine a MCNPX TMeshTally
 CFPDistributionA distributio of Fission Products
 CFPRecordA record in the data file where Fission Product are defined
 CFuelReprocessingFuelReprocessing allows Fuel reprocessing during Evolution
 CGammaSpectrumGammaSpectrum defines of gamma ray spectrum
 CGenericReactorAssemblyThis abstract class is used to built a reactor assembly
 CHNEvolutionControlEvolutionControl for heavy nuclide content control
 CInLineReprocessingInLineReprocessing is an EvolutionControl class for reprocessing without moving material
 CLatticeCellA LatticeCell is used to fill a cell with universes.
 CMaterialA Material constituing a Cell
 CMathBrickA rectangular parallepipede box
 CMathCylinderInfinite cylinder Shape
 CMathHexagonRegular hexagon Shape of a given height
 CMathNodeMathNode allows to construct Union or Intersection of Shape
 CMathPlaneInfinite plane Shape (or half space)
 CMathSphereDefine a MathSphere Shape
 CMathTubeA MathTube is a finite cylinder with an optional hole inside (like a pipe)
 CMathZTorusDefine a MathZTorus Shape
 CMatXStructure holding Material and a number (e.g. density, temperature etc.)
 CMCNPSourceDefine a MCNP Source
 CMCNPSurfaceCardMCNPSurfaceCard class print a mathematical surface in MCNP output format
 CMCSourceDefine a Monte-Carlo Source
 CMeshTallyDefine a MeshTally class (abstract)
 CMUREMURE class allow to make connections between classes
 CMureGroupBinDefine group cell or surface bin
 CMureLatticeBinDefine Lattice Cell type bin
 CMureSimpleBinDefine a general Simple Tally Bin (cell, universe or surface)
 CMureTallyDefine a MURE Tally.abstract class
 CMureTallyBinDefine a general Tally Bin
 CMureTimeEnergyGridDefine a Time and/or Energy Grid for tallies (abstract class)
 CNeutronSpectrumNeutronSpectrum contains a histogram of Neutron intensities
 CNuclearChartA NuclearChart is a 2 dimensional array of nuclei up to maximum N &Z
 CNucleiTreeA NucleiTree defines the whole tree of nuclei in case of evolution for a single ZAI
 CNucleusA real Nucleus with a Temperature
 CNucleusMCRecordA NucleusMCRecord allows to record data for writing &reading reaction rates tallies
 CNucleusRecordRecord of a nucleus in a binary file
 CPinCellPinCell class allows to create cylindrical cell set included as Matrioshka
 CPoisonEvolutionControlEvolutionControl descendant for controlling evolution via absorption of control (poison) material
 CReactionDefine a Reaction list for Tally multiplicator inputs
 CReactionListReactions to take into account for evolution of a given nucleus
 CReactionRecordRecord of a reaction in a binary file
 CReadXSFileAllows to read XS file in the MCNP ACE format
 CReference_ptrHandle dynamical object creation and pointer affectation
 CReshufflingSchemeThis class performs reshuffling of a lattice
 CRKSolverRKSolver class solves system of differential equations by Runge-Kutta method
 CRodEvolutionControlEvolutionControl descendant allowing control via control rod insertion
 CSerpentSourceDefine a Serpent Source
 CSerpentSurfaceCardSerpentSurfaceCard class print a mathematical surface in Serpent output format
 CShapeAbstract class to define geometrical shapes
 CSpecialIsomerClass to define special treatment for some isomers
 CSpectrumBase class to define spectra
 CStorageStorage are outcore containers
 CStoredXSforZAIStoredXSforZAI is a class for storing some XS and use them later in the cycle
 CStringLineClass extracting fields from a string / line
 CSurfaceCardSurfaceCard class is used to define geometrical math surface for MC output format
 CTallyMultiplicatorDefine a Tally Multiplicator entry (FM card in MCNP, dr card in Serpent)
 CTempCoefCalculatorThis object performs temperature coefficient calculations for a general system
 CTemperatureMapThe good way of handling temperature from data base
 CTemporalStorageTemporalStorage are outcore containers function of a Retreatment time
 CTFunctorAbstract class to define Functor (function of function)
 CThermalCouplingThis object performs the variation of temperature in a given region for a specific system
 CThermalDataReaderThis object reads thermodynamics values of fluids that are stored in files stored in MURE/thermal_data/
 CTMeshTallyDefine a MCNPX TMeshTally
 CTransformationSpatial Transformation for cell or universe
 CTReferenceBase class to reference all Shape objects and some nucleus
 CTSpecificFunctorTemplate class to assign a method of class T as argument
 CVoidCoefCalculatorVoid coefficient calculations for a general system
 CXSDIRHandle XSDIR file in order to extract information that could be easily retreived
 CXSDIRLineExtract all parameters from an XSDIR line
 CZAIA ZAI defined a (Z, A, Isomere) for a Nucleus
 CZAIReactionA very simple class which contains the Reaction code and its weight for possible nuclear reactions of a ZAI

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