Postdoc and PhD fellowships will be allocated in a staged way, in order to best cover the 5-year timespan of the project, on the basis of the needs of the three scientific work packages and by focusing on specific, essential deliverables.
The management board issues regular calls for projects, then makes a selection. Then, a strict quality process is used in the recruitment of PhD students and postdocs. It follows the CNRS charter (charter |in french |in english, | DR11 flyer for recruiter in french) which has the HRS4R European label. It relies on experienced researchers as members of the selection committees. It ensures scientific excellence and internationalization.

In 2021, the selected 3-year PhD position is:

  • Study of the Quark-Gluon Plasma with the ALICE experiment at LHC : measurement of correlations between a hard probe and recoiling hadrons (WP1, Gustavo Conesa Balbastre et Julien Faivre, LPSC). Laureate: Carolina Arata

and the selected 2-year post-doctoral positions are:

  • Development and data analysis of a large-scale Liquid Argon detector prototype for the future long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment: DUNE (WP1, Dominique Duchesneau, LAPP). Laureate: Oliver Lantwin
  • Detector operation and data analysis for LHCb (WP1, Jean-François Marchand, LAPP). Laureate: Irene Bachiller
  • Searching for Dark QCD with the ATLAS Detector (WP1/WP3, Marie-Hélène Genest et Pierre-Antoine Delsart, LPSC). Laureate: Ana Paula Pereira Peixoto
  • Axions at the crossroads (WP1/WP3, Christopher Smith, Killian Martineau et Jérémie Quevillon, LPSC). Laureate: Fernando Arias Aragon

In 2020, the selected 3-year PhD position is:

  • Identification of photons for multi-messenger astrophysics purpose with the upgraded Pierre Auger Observatory (WP2, Corinne Bérat, LPSC). Laureate: Zoé Torrès

and the selected 2-year post-doctoral positions are:

  • Effective Field Theories for Higgs and SM Physics (WP1, Nicolas Berger, LAPP). Laureate: Eleonora Rossi
  • Etude des amas de galaxies avec LSST (WP3, Céline Combet, LPSC). Laureate: Calum Murray
  • Cluster cosmology with the NIKA2 camera (WP3, Frédéric Mayet, LPSC). Laureate: Emmanuel Artis
  • Study of GRBs with H.E.S.S. & CTA and alert follow-up optimization with Virgo/LIGO (WP2, David Sanchez, LAPP). Laureate: Davide Miceli
  • Gravitational probes of dark matter (WP3, Pasquale Serpico, LAPTh). Laureate: Aniket Joglekar

You can retrieve all post-doc positions & fixed-term contracts available at LAPP, LAPTh and LPSC.
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