Serpent-MCNP Utility for Reactor Evolution

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$\textcolor{red}{\bullet}$ O. Méplan (alias PTO), LPSC Grenoble
$\textcolor{red}{\bullet}$ Jan Hajnrych, Ecole des Mines de Nantes and Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)
$\textcolor{red}{\bullet}$ A. Bidaud (alias le bid), LPSC Grenoble
$\textcolor{red}{\bullet}$ S. David (alias GTS), IPN Orsay
$\textcolor{red}{\bullet}$ N. Capellan (alias Nico la Star), LPSC Grenoble
$\textcolor{red}{\bullet}$ J.B. Leniau (alias BLG), IPN Orsay
$\textcolor{red}{\bullet}$ A. Nuttin (alias Nut), LPSC Grenoble
$\textcolor{red}{\bullet}$ Frantisek Havluj, UJV, Czech Republic
$\textcolor{red}{\bullet}$ Radim Vocka, UJV, Czech Republic
$\textcolor{red}{\bullet}$ and in the past:

$\textcolor{red}{\bullet}$ J. Wilson (alias JW), IPN Orsay
$\textcolor{red}{\bullet}$ R. Chambon (alias Le caribou), LPSC Grenoble, now back to Canada
$\textcolor{red}{\bullet}$ F. Michel-Sendis (alias FMS), IPN Orsay, Now @CEA
$\textcolor{red}{\bullet}$ F. Perdu (alias WEC), LPSC, Grenoble, Now @CEA
$\textcolor{red}{\bullet}$ L. Perrot for ENDF2ACE, IPN Orsay
LAST UPDATE: February 2019


$\textcolor{red}{\bullet}$ SMURE - MURE V2.0 is available at NEA package NEA-1845/02.
$\textcolor{red}{\bullet}$ HTML documentation or PDF version


$\textcolor{red}{\bullet}$ MURE is available at NEA package NEA-1845/01
$\textcolor{red}{\bullet}$ HTML documentation or PDF version

Cross-Section generation

$\textcolor{red}{\bullet}$ To obtain latest version mail to meplan
$\textcolor{red}{\bullet}$ PDF user guide of ENDF2ACE