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Meeting 2006 :  April 6-8th, 2006
LPSC Grenoble

Niveaux quantiques du neutron dans le puits de potentiel gravitationnel

Expérience GRANIT à l'Institut Laue Langevin, Grenoble, France .


Meetings de Collaboration :  Quantum states of neutrons in the gravitational field

GRANIT Workshop and Meeting 2006 :  April 6-8th, 2006 at LPSC Grenoble

workshop location : LPSC Gravitationally bound quantum states of matter were observed for the first time due to unique properties of ultracold neutrons. Some properties of the lowest quantum states were measured in recent experiments in so-called integral and differential measuring modes.
We are going to improve considerably the accuracy of these experiments using resonance transitions between the gravitationally bound quantum states of neutrons.

The goals of the present meeting are:

  • to overview possible applications of this experiment in different fields of physics such as, for instance, the search for spin-independent or spin-dependent short-range fundamental forces, the quantum-mechanical localization or the loss of quantum coherence etc.
  • to choose parameters and options for the future experimental installation GRANIT to study the resonance transitions.

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