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  • Definition and development of the LabVIEW application that drives the heavy ions source and beamline injection
  • Measurements and characterization of power couplers
  • Preliminary architecture of the EPICS control system for up-coming charge booster and N+ beamline line
  • Technical guidance and support for development and refactoring of the line control legacy software (LabVIEW), towards PHOENIX V3 upgrade at SPIRAL2 experiment

Olivier Zimmermann : Control systems
Rémi Faure : Control systems
Marc Marton : Coupler conditioning


190117 14h02 oz download pdfSupervision and Spectrums on Low Energy Beamline (SPIRAL 2, Ganil)

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  • Development in LabVIEW of control and safety systems software for the water mockup, then for the nominal molten salt setup.
  • Algorihms for regulation of tanks and circuits gas pressure.
  • Algorithm for stabilization of a constant or constantly accelerating flow during experimental runs.
  • Data acquisition and logging and setup supervision.

Contact : Olivier Zimmermann

  • Design, realization of a 10 bar spherical gaseous detector
  • Coupling of the spherical detector to the COMIMAC facility
  • Organisation and participation of the test campaigns


190130 14h28 jfm sphere comimac

Jean-François Muraz : Technical Manager, Spherical detector design
Mohammed Chala :Assembly
Olivier Guillaudin : Gaseous detector expert

  • Technical coordination of the project at LPSC
  • Study and development of the mercury magneometry bench
  • Test bench control system

Clément Thomassé : Technical manager of the L4M plateform

Julien Marpaud : Control systems

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  • Vacuum and cooling control systems
  • Software developments with EPICS, CSS-Studio (Eclipse) et TIA Portal (Siemens)
  • Hardware and software integration, cabling, tests
  • Development of supervisory control (EPICS, CSS-Studio) and automation softwares for vacuum and cooling of MYRRHA Low Energy Beam Transport line (LEBT).
  • Integration and test of instruments as well as setup command and status signals
  • Wiring of instruments (Siemens Profibus), sensors and actuators to the programmable logic controller's signals dispatch box.
  • Technical guidance and support for LabVIEW control of a Wire Scanner developed inhouse.

Rémi Faure, Olivier Zimmermann

diamant 2cm sur support

  • Design of the diamond supports
  • COMSOL simulation of the charged collection in pixelized diamonds
  • Participation of the beam test campagns


Jean-François Muraz : Design, tests, COMSOL Multiphysics simulations