• Adaptation and maintenance of the MAP (Programmable Automata Manipulation) software application

Contact : Olivier Zimmermann

  • Adaptation and development of control systems (hardware and software) and instrumentation.

Contact : Rémi Faure


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  • Design, elaboration and tests of gaz detector prototypes for beam profile measurements in conformational radiotherapy
  • Patent co-author
  • High throughput data acquisition

Olivier Guillaudin : Detector Development
Olivier Zimmermann : Data acquisition

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  • Project management at LPSC
  • Définition of instrumental needs
  • optical workbench with own command control implementation
  • Projet website implementation

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Myriam Migliore : Technical Management
Rémi Faure : Command/Control


190117 14h02 oz download pdfLabVIEW programming for the LSST/CCOB project at LPSC Grenoble (French)

The experimental device PEPPo establishes a new line of beam located in the injector of Jefferson Laboratory (JLab, Virginia, the USA).

A first segment allows to check and to characterize the beam arriving on the target where are produced positrons. It is followed by a magnetic group allowing to collect positrons and to select their energy. The third segment allows to check and characterize the secondary beam of positrons which is then focused on a polarimeter with transmission Compton.

This detector contains a first target of tungsten in which positrons are converted in polarized photons; the measure of the absorption of these photons in a target polarized by 7,5 cms of iron according to the orientation of the initial polarization of positrons (that is the primary beam of electrons) or of the polarization of the target allows to determine the positrons polarization.

The transmitted photons are measured in an electromagnetic calorimeter constituted of 9 crystals of Iodide of Cesium doped in Thallium and read by type R6236-01's photomultipliers (Hamamatsu).

The polarimeter with transmission of PEPPo arises from the polarimeter of the experiment E166 at SLAC which operated in the same range of energy. The SDI took in charge all the necessary modifications to adapt the polarimeter to the specific needs for the PEPPo experiment.This device  contains an electromagnetic calorimeter, a magnet of analysis as well as an armor plating of consequent lead (3t) surrounding the calorimeter. These 3 elements are placed on a table the mobile upper tray of which allows to adjust exactly the position.

phd peppo3.jpg

phd peppo1.jpg

The polarimeter was completely designed, realized then installed on the line of beam of JLab by the technical teams of the LPSC. The Detectors and Instrumentation Department assured the technical coordination of the project, the design of the polarimeter, the realization of a cosmic trigger, the design and the realization of a system LED of calibration, the implementation and the participation the tests of the calorimeter, the management and the follow-up of the shipping of the whole polarimeter and its assembly to JLab.

phd peppo2.jpg

This document redraws, in image, the various stages made for the realization af the polarimeter.

Contact : Jean-François Muraz

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  • Definition, design and followed by realization of the equipments Supermodules assembly.
  • Design, realization and participation in the exploitation of the cosmic workbench for the Supermodules calibration.
  • In charge of the logistics operations for the on-site installation.
  • Participation in the phasis of Supermodules integration at CERN.
  • Participation in the EMCal and DCal calorimeters maintenance


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. : Technical Manager
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. : Detector Assembly


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