The LPSC put into place the IN2P3-LPSC grid node in 2008 principally to give computing resources to the ALICE and ATLAS groups of the laboratory. The node is part of the European grid EGEE (European Grid for ESciencEs). It is part of the LHC Computing Grid (LCG) but it is open to other users.

The LPSC grid node is a Tier 2 in the CERN nomenclature.
More information on the LHC grid can be found on the LPSC introduction page.

Several Virtual Organizations are supported:

  • atlas
  • alice
  • for users from the Rhone-Alpes region
  • for local users
  • calice, for the ILC experiment
  • biomed bio-medical applications
  • eumed for the European Mediterranean consortium
  • superb for the superB collaboration

Additional Collaborations:

  • The French Grid Institute (l'Institut des Grilles) collaborates with the CIMENT group to investigate interoperability and opportunistic computing.


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For more details, please contact:

  • Scientific coordination: Sabine Crépé-Renaudin
  • Technical Coordination : Christine Gondrand
  • Technical Support : Catherine Biscarat, Bernard Boutherin
  • ATLAS contact: Sabine Crépé-Renaudin
  • ALICE contact: Rachid Guernane