The SModelS team is currently holding a month-long collaboration meeting at the LPSC. The central topic is getting the most out of the LHC results bannersmodelsthrough reinterpretation of the experimental results in the context of new physics. This includes machine learning likelihoods from LHC analyses, smart analysis combinations, connecting "proto-models" to UV complete theories, and many other innovative ideas.
The project is supported in part by the IN2P3 theory master project BSMGA and the bilateral ANR / FWF project SLDNP. Moreover, Andre Lessa (Sao Paulo) and Wolfgang Waltenberger (Vienna) are visiting professors at the LPSC via the CPTGA, UGA and Enigmass programs. Several other researchers involved in SModelS and/or other reinterpretation frameworks are visiting for 1-2 weeks to work with the team. Link to the Protomodel Builder