The  GANIL accelerators produce a range of beams for nuclear structure experiments.

The LISE spectrometer is used to select secondary beams of very exotic nuclei created by fragmentation reactions. The LPSC group have been involved in several isomer-decay experiments at this spectrometer, including studies of the structure of nuclei close to 78Ni and of 43S, as part of international collaborations. The latter is especially interesting as one can observe coexisting quasi-spherical and deformed states in this nucleus. A measurement of the g factor of this nucleus has shown unambiguously the collapse of the N=28 shell closure.



A new accelerator, SPIRAL-2, is being constructed at GANIL. The nuclear-structure group of the LPSC is playing an active role in preparing for the arrival of this new facility by measuring production cross-sections and collaborating on Letters of Intent for future experiments, including the DESIR facility.

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