Low activity laboratory

The LBA (low activity laboratory) is capable of measuring very low levels of radioactivity. It is a member of the Réseau Becquerel of the IN2P3. This laboratory, located inside the LPSC), is equipped with two hyper pure geranium detectors. Different kinds of samples can be analyzed (ore, water, raw material).

Accelerators and ions sources group

This group has the knowledge required for the design and construction of accelerators and ion sources required essentially by large research centers (CNRS, IN2P3, CEA, CERN for example). Thus it has frequently participated in technical transfer activities. For example: Electron beam for cathode screens, plasmas for the development of surface treatment, accelerator for radiotherapy.

CRPM : (Centre de Recherche Plasmas-Matériaux-Nanostructures)

The activity of the CRPM essentially concerns the following domains :

•The design and realization of new plasma technology by micro waves DECR  (distributed electron cyclotron resonance) or DMW (distributed microwave plasmas).

•The application of plasma technology for the production of particles (H, H+, H-) and for surface treatments such as cleaning, engraving or deposition (PACVD,  PAPVD).

The expertise of the CRPM has led to several technological transfer activities, mainly through industrial contracts (GIS THALES/CNRS- IN2P3/UJF, ERT Plasmas HF, the startup Boreal Plasma), MOU research collaboration contracts and by the financing of students.

Electronics group

This group can provide a specialist service for the design of.

Electronic cards


•Thales Avionics

Computing service


Mechanic service

See the WEB page : http://lpsc.in2p3.fr/index.php/en/support-aux-activites-scientifiques/mecanique/valorisation