USINE V10.12 (in preparation)


The usine package deals with propagation of Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR) in various models (Leaky-Box, semi-analytical diffusion models, and more...). It is patched with ROOT in order to provide many direct displays of the input ingredients and results.

The package contains:

  • basic tools to describe cosmic rays properties (nuclear charts, atomic properties...)
  • cosmic-ray experimental data (see also the web database on this site)
  • Cross-sections data compilations
  • Solar modulation models (force field, spherically symmetric model)
  • Several propagation models (Leaky Box, diffusion models)

It has been developed and conceived in a way to be very flexible and user-friendly for

  • any experimentalist who wants to see how models can be constrained by her/his set of data;
  • a nuclear physicist who wants to check how her/his particular set of cross sections changes the model predictions;
  • for a cosmic-ray phenomenologist who derives a new set of equations for propagation and would like to apply it but who is usually discouraged by the huge amount of work required to put together all necessary ingredients.