SDI currently brings technical contributions to the following projects and experiments

 ALICE- Electromagnetic Calorimeter :

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  • Definition, design and followed by realization of the equipments Supermodules assembly.
  • Design, realization and participation in the exploitation of the cosmic workbench for the Supermodules calibration.
  • In charge of the logistics operations for the on-site installation.
  • Participation in the phasis of Supermodules integration at CERN.

Muraz Jean-François : Technical Management

Chala Mohammed : Detector Assembly

Bernard Christophe : Detector Assembly



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  • Project management at LPSC.
  • Participation in the surface photo-detectors maintenance.
  • Participation in the elaboration of the cosmic rays radio detection program on the AGER site in Argentina.
  • Study and mechanical characterization of a new device prototype for pure water tanks for North site photo-detection.

Stassi Patrick : Photodetection - Radiodetection (Technical Management)

Marton Marc : Detector Assembly

Chala Mohammed : Detector Assembly



  • Design, elaboration et tests for gaz detectors prototypes for conformational radiotherapy beam profile measurements
  • Patent co-author.
  • Data acquisition,

Guillaudin Olivier : Detector Development

Pélissier Alain : Detector Development

Zimmermann Olivier : Data acquisition 




  • Adaptation and development of control systems (hardware and software) and instrumentation.

Faure Remi : Control systems




  • Control systems design and installation (instruments, hardware and software)
  • Study of ultrasonic velocimetry measurement
  • FLiNaK bullion manufacturing

Heusch Murielle : Chemistry

Stassi Patrick : Instrumentation

Zimmermann Olivier : Control systems



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  • Project management at LPSC.
  • Définition of instrumental needs.
  • optical workbench with own command control implementation.
  • Projet website implementation.

Migliore Myriam : Technical Management

Faure Remi : Command/Control



  • Project management at LPSC.
  • Definition, design followed by realization of a µTPC bi-chamber using a new generation of MicroMegas (Bulk) of gas amplification.
  • Definition, integration and participation in the exploitation of the workbench for Quenching factor measurement for MicroMegas detectors calibration.
  • Definition, and tests for a miniature ions source for µTPC calibration.
  • Design and realization of a station for gaz blending and filtration.
  • In charge of logistics operations for off-sites measurements campaigns.
  • Development of command-control software for ions sources.
  • Participation in the evaluation of µTPC concept witn industrials.

Guillaudin Olivier : Technical Management

Pélissier Alain : Detector Development

Muraz Jean-François : Detector Design

Marton Marc : Detector Design

Migliore Myriam : Valuation



Diamant 2   Diamant

  • Workbench design
  • Acquisition system development

 Muraz Jean-François : Workbench design

Zimmermann Olivier : Acquisition system development






  • Adaptation and maintenance of the MAP (Programmable Automata Manipulation) software application


Faure Remi : Control systems

Zimmermann Olivier : Control systems





  • Photo-detectors characterization and tests.
  • Design, elaboration and on-siteimplementation for the whole atmospheric sparks detection.
  • Implementtation of 3G telemetry and temporary acquisition system.

Stassi Patrick: Photodetection - Telemetry

Marton Marc : Detector Design/CAD

Chala Mohammed : Detector Assembly

Bernard Christophe : Detector Assembly



projet spiral2

  • Definition and development of the LabVIEW application that drives the heavy ions source and beamline injection.
  • Measurements and characterization of power couplers.
  • Preliminary architecture of the EPICS control system for up-coming charge booster and N+ beamline line.

Zimmermann Olivier : Control systems

Faure Remi : Control systems

Marton Marc : Coupler conditioning


Poster : Supervision and spectrums on Low Energy Beamline (SPIRAL 2 / Ganil)