Stassi Patrick        

Photodetection, Radiodetection, Control systems, Quality

(Head of department)

Muraz Jean-François

Detectors design, assembly and testing

(Deputy head of department)

Bernard Christophe

Electrotechnics, Experiments assembly, Clean rooms

Chala Mohammed

Experiments assemby, Control systems

Collovati Florent

Instrumentation & Teaching support

Faure Remi

Instrumentation, Control systems

Guillaudin Olivier

Pixelized gaz detectors design, Simulation

Heusch Murielle

Thin materials, Chemistry

Marton Marc

CAD Design, Experiment assembly, Glueing, Pollishing, Workshop

Migliore Myriam

Project Management, Optical Simulation

Pélissier Alain

Wire Chambers, Microdetectors, Micro photography

Zimmermann Olivier

Instrumentation, Control systems, Document Management Systems