Several members of the SDI regularly provide lessons, training or educational activities

  • UJF and INPG teachings in Instrumentation and Data Acquisition.

For many years, many department members offer courses and labs in the areas of instrumentation and data acquisition in various courses of the University Joseph Fourier or polythechnique school in Grenoble.

  • Discovery internships at LPSC for high-school students.

Since 1998, Gabriel Mondin, Myriam Migliore, Muriel Heusch and Olivier Zimmermann organize and supervise up to 5 internship weeks every year. Discovery internships at LPSC are a unique opportunity for middle or high school students to learn about research and engineering careers, and fundamental physics of course.

Several members of the department participated as speakers in the training project management CNRS and IN2P3.

  • LabVIEW training beginners and advanced, for INPG and CNRS.

Two courses on the subject are held each year:

  • Initiation Level, in place for more than ten years, a session of three days per year for 10 people
  • Advanced Level, in place since 2010, a session of three days per year for ten people.

These courses are provided by Remi Faure, Stassi Patrick and Olivier Zimmermann

  • Animation LabVIEW ® CNRS network of users, "AlpesVIEW."

For those who program in graphical language LabVIEW ® routine or occasional basis, with different levels of expertise, novice or experienced. It is a place rich exchange of experiences of each, with the possibility of exchange programs, to inform and to meet. This network is close to everyone and research, of reasonable size allowing flexibility in its operating structure.

Established in 2005 in the Alps region, following the initiative of a few from different laboratories polygon campus and Annecy. This LabVIEW ® network users of all levels and categories, called "AlpesVIEW" is based on a list of electronic exchange.

Stassi Patrick and Olivier Zimmermann animate this network.