LOHENGRIN Experiment at ILL

On the LOHENGRIN experiment installed at ILL (Laue Langevin Institut), the SDI opearted on of a double small detector with neutrons manufacturing, with reading of current on the anodes XY wires composed of 4 cathode plans and of 8 anode plans (outside dimensions 75 mm × 38 mm), the useful window of detection of 20 mm by 20 mm. This activity, which took place in the year 2007, corresponds in:

- The manufacturing of 4 cathodes plans stuck, that is 4 times 2 frames FR4/Cu, 2 faces of 16/10 of mm of thickness. These two frames are in coincidence with, in the middle, a window of Mylar aluminised, 2 faces of 23 µm, with the HV supply contacts.

- The weaving of 2 wires plans (aluminum frames 250 × 140 × 10 mm). The wires are W/Au/Re of 30 µm, with a tension of 30 g, a tep of 1 mm, that is 115 wires/frame, for transfer on frames anodes.

- The transfer, the welds and the cuttings of the wires on the frames pads of XY anodes. There is 4 XY groups, that means 8 frames of FR4/Cu, two faces of 16/10 of thickness.
By anode, there are thus 20 wires at a step of 1 mm through useful window of 20 mm × 20 mm. Every anode has its reading electronic system directly cabled on the frame (printed circuit).

LOHENGRIN 1-rogne 



CMB Survey

For the CMB Survey (Cosmic Microwave Backgroung), the experiments have for objective the measurement of the polarization of the radiation.

On the other hand, the LPSC, in association with the Ultra low Température group at Louis Neel Institute (ex CRTBT), was responsible for the manufacturing project of the mechanical part of an Martin Puplett interferometer (MPI, photo), this device was dedicated to the tests of arrays in the millimetric and submillimétric length domain.

In 2004, the department participated actively in the sizing of the interferometer and in the specification of components. The department of study and mechanical realization of the LPSC then designed and realized all the parts of the Martin Puplett during year 2005. The final assembly and the installation at CRTBT took place in December, 2005 (collaboration of the SDI and the engineering workshop).