The diversity of skills represented in the department allows it to quickly adapt to a variety of projects and promotes transdisciplinarity. Department members are encouraged to develop versatility in addition to their specialties or special responsibilities, and are asked to actively participate in on-site experiments, in France or abroad.

Design, Development, Validation and Realization:

Photodetection - Optics

  • Measurements, characterizations
  • optical processing
  • ZeMax© Simulations

Gas & pixelized detectors

  • wiring & associated tools
  • Characterization and simulation


  • Implementation and related measurements
  • HFSS©, EZNEC© Characterization and simulation

Control systems & Data acquisition (ground & embedded)

  • Hardware and software
  • LabVIEW© Expertise

Mecanical design & assembly

  • Vacuum and Cryogenics
  • Detectors assembly and on-site integration

Chemistry, materials and processes

  • Chemistry and metallurgy, special materials, thin films
  • Low activity measurements

Validations & tests

  • Functional testing, unit testing software
  • tests Designs

Technical Project Management

  • Data management system (Atrium IN2P3, EDMS)
  • Spatial experiments

Other fields of expertise & experience :

Detector Physics

Electronics (analog, digital, Radio Frequences)

  • Designs and simulations

General electricity and electotechnics

Programming, computer systems

Photography, microphotography & digital image processing

Teaching, courses