Bus stop "Grenoble Presqu'île"

From or towards the city center, Grenoble railway and bus station, Saint-Martin d'Heres University Campus

Tram B, direction Grenoble Presqu'île. Get off at the terminus "Grenoble Presqu'île," Rue des Martyrs. The LPSC is in front of the tram station. The n° 34 bus service between the city center and the "Polygône Scientifique" is cancelled.
Tram B, direction Gières Plaine des Sports. Tram station "Grenoble Presqu'île". This tram goes to Grenoble city center before going to Saint-Martin d'Heres University Campus.
Tram B operates from 5.30am until past midnight

From or towards Saint-Egrève

Bus 22, Saint-Egreve Gare <-> Grenoble Presqu'île. Bus stop "Grenoble Presqu'île" (terminus of the line) ; the bus stop is in front of the LPSC, rue des Martyrs.The line 30 is cancelled. The connection to Grenoble railway station is provided by the Tram B

From or towards Fontaine, Seyssinet, Seyssins, Echirolles, Saint Martin d'Hères

Bus Chrono C6, Saint-Martin d'Hères Henri Wallon <-> Grenoble Polygone Scientifique. Bus stop "Grenoble Presqu'île" in  front of the LPSC, rue des Martyrs. The Chrono C6 operates from 5.30am until past midnight.
To connect Sassenage, yoou have to take the Chrono C6 and get down at "Chamechaude". Bus 54 (Sassenage Chamechaude <-> St Egrève Pont de Vence) provides the connection to Sassenage from this bus stop.

For more information, see here : carte interactive du réseau TAG

Price :
Tickets can be purchased singly at the tram station (distributors) or from the bus driver. If you buy your ticket to the bus driver, you need to have some coins. A magnetic card for ten rides can be purchased at tobacconists ("Tabacs") and at major tram stops. You can buy it also in relay stores (recognizable by the pictogram Relay TAG on their storefront). See rates