In 2007 the LPSC established a Project Technical Review Committee (CRTP).

Following a request from management, this committee reviews the technical and organizational aspects of a project and assesses the resources required. This revue is performed at the starting of the project and, if needed, when a project milestone is reached. It is an advisory committee providing conclusions and advice to help decision makers and project leaders. These conclusions are made available for Laboratory Council members and for Scientific Council members.

It is to be noted that the conclusions of the CRTP are reported during the LPSC Scientific Council evaluation of projects or before submission to funding agencies (ANR, Europe) if technical resources are to be needed.

CRTP members

The CRTP core is composed by experts representing as far as possible all the technical areas requested for a typical project in the laboratory. Their background allows them to have a know-how about experiences for physics, related technical difficulties and how to solve them.

Others LPSC people are permanently invited to revues:

  • the LPSC director
  • 2 people from the Laboratory Council
  • the engineers in charge of Safety, Valorization and Quality
  • the LPSC Technical Supervisor


Patrick Stassi


Joël Bouvier Dominique Rebreyrend (Laboratory Council)  
Ludovic Eraud (Laboratory Council) Sébastien Roudier  
Julien Giraud Daniel Santos  
Frédéric Melot Cécile Vannier  


Director: Arnaud Lucotte

Technical supervisor: Thierry Lamy

Safety engineer: William Regairaz


CRTP documents