Within the Accelerator and Ion Source Pole of LPSC, the accelerator group is in charge of the design, development, construction and operation of particle accelerators. More precisely, the team is specialized in beam dynamics, beam optics (ions, electrons) and radiofrequency. We are involved in local, national and international projects and collaborations with applications from fundamental physics to nuclear waste treatment. The group activities include R&D, construction and operation of accelerators or accelerator sub-systems and rely on the multiple skills of LPSC technical services.

Since the late 1990’s, the accelerator group is working on electrostatic accelerators producing neutrons with GENEPI-type machines (GEnerator of NEutrons Pulsed and Intense). The first machine GENEPI1 was successfully coupled to the MASURCA reactor (MAquette de SURgénératrice à CAdarache) and operated until it was dismantled from Cadarache. GENEPI2 is under operation at LPSC for the nuclear study platform PEREN (Plateforme d'Etude et de Recherche sur l'Energie Nucléaire) as well as for new applications. The third and last accelerator is operated for the GUINEVERE project (Generator of Uninterrupted Intense NEutrons at the lead VEnus REactor) to drive a nuclear reactor at SCK-CEN (Belgium).

Since 2004, the accelerator group is involved in the national project SPIRAL2 (Système de Production d'Ions Radioactif en Ligne): we are in charge of designing and producing the power couplers feeding the superconducting accelerating cavities of the LINAC.

Currently, our 2 main projects are the electrostatic accelerator for GUINEVERE and the power couplers for the SPIRAL2. We are also responsible for the development and construction of the Low Energy Beam Transport Line (LEBT) of MYRRHA, demonstrator project of a nuclear reactor driven by accelerator at the multi-megaWatt scale.  

Our main R&D activities are devoted to multipacting RF phenomenon and high intensity low energy hadron beam transport.

In the past, we have worked on hadrontherapy, a technic using light ions to irradiate tumors for cancer treatment, within the framework of the projects ETOILE in France (Espace de Traitement Oncologique par Ions Légers dans le cadre Européen) and CNAO in Italy (Centro Nazionale di Adroterapia Oncologica).

Regularly, we collaborate with CERN on beam dynamics (LINAC4), RF structures (EUCARD, RFTech, CARE/HIPPI) or production monitoring (inkind contribution from France).