The LPSC ATLAS group first contributed to the design and construction of the electromagnetic presampler. Since 2006, the group is strongly committed in the commissioning of the liquid argon calorimeter with several contributions of different nature:

  • characterisation of the readout electronics performance
  • analysis of the cosmic run
  • implementation of monitoring algorithm
  • definition of the data quality assesment procedure

This data quality assessment procedure has been coordinated since 2008 by a member of the LPSC group; it has been documented in a paper by the ATLAS collaboration that was published in "Journal of Instrumentation" (Direct link to the article). Since 2012, the fraction of certified data has been always greater than 99%.  

Between 2011 and 2016, continuing the effort initiated in ILC R&D, the group was also committed in designing a next generation ADC in the scope of the ATLAS upgrade projects of the trigger and readout system at the horizon 2018-2023.

Several prototypes have been designed and produced. The innovative concept (with internal clock generation) exhibits very promising characteristics:

  • high sampling rate (theorically up to 40Msamples/s);
  • latency shorter than 40ns
  • power consumption below 30mW per channel

One prototype was considered until the final step of the internal decision review held to choose the chip to be used for the trigger system upgrade. The ATLAS collaboration finally decided to choose a more mature solution, even if less efficient.

The activity ended in 2016, whereas the group focused its upgrade commitment on internal tracking.