A postdoctoral position is offered by the labex ENIGMASS to work on the STEREO project at LPSC.

The goal of the Stereo experiment is to answer the question of the existence of a sterile neutrino with a mass around 1 eV. The proposed measurement takes place at short distance from the 58 MW research reactor of the “Institut Laue-Langevin” (ILL) in Grenoble, France. If a sterile neutrino exists then one should observe a distortion of the energy spectrum of the reactor electron antineutrinos induced by the mixing with the new sterile state.

The LPSC team is in charge of the muon veto, the data acquisition and the slow control. The candidate will have a leading role in the muon detector work package, but also in all important aspects of the project with the advantage of being located at LPSC only at a few hundred meters from the ILL. The first year will be dedicated to the fabrication, installation on site of the detector and preparation of the analysis software. The second and third year will focus on data taking and analysis.

This postdoc is funded by the CNRS ENIGMASS labex and the position is now filled.