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Place : ECT* - Trento - Italy

Organisers :

  • Aksel JENSEN (University of Aarhus, DK)
  • Jean-Marc RICHARD (Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de cosmologie, Grenoble, F)


  • Pierre DUCLOS (Université de Toulon et Centre de Physique Théorique, Marseille, F)
  • Jaume CARBONELL (Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de cosmologie, Grenoble, F)
  • Aksel JENSEN (University of Aarhus, DK)
  • Jean-Marc RICHARD (Institut des Sciences Nucléaires, Grenoble, F)

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Attendance by invitation only.

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    The idea of these workshop originates in the observation that almost all subfields of physics apply similar methods to study similar few-body problems at the edge of stability. The usual meetings do not often appeal to the interdisciplinary aspects of the common concepts and techniques. We want to continue in the same spirit as the previous two workshops where various subfields like quantum chemistry, mathematical, atomic, molecular and nuclear physics were represented by lively participants from many different countries.

    The focus of the present workshop at ECT* in September 2003 will be on the properties of weakly-bound quantum bound states and resonances near threshold. The specific emphasis will be influenced by the interests of the participants. The topics within the main theme will include:

    1. Weakly Coulomb-bound few-body states.
    2. Weakly strong-interaction bound few-body states.
    3. Weakly power-law-potential bound few-body states.
    4. Continuum structure and few-body decay properties.
    5. Time dependent few-body problems near instability.
    6. Correlation in boson-fermion systems confined by external fields.
    7. Few-body correlations in condensates.
    8. Exotic structures: Efimov, tango, Borromean, halo states.


    The stay includes 6 nights in regular hotels in downtown Trento or possibly in pensions closer to ECT*. Lunch, coffee, dinner, reception and excursion can be arranged by ECT* for a moderate prize. The travel is individual.

    Financial support

    The support is according to ECT*-rules, i.e. 2/3 of the local expenses for double room accomodation are payed on average by ECT*. Full support for two participants in a shared double room then requires another to pay the full amount without any local support. Single rooms can be ordered for the corresponding additional cost.


    The original research presented at the workshop will be published in Few-Body Systems as regular refereed papers provided the necessaryexternal financial support is obtained.

    Number of participants

    Due to space limitations and to allow a truly interacting workshop the number of participants will be limited to about 40. Participation is therefore by invitation only. With this number many subfields and many countries can be represented still leaving room for sufficient overlap to make exchange of information worthwhile.

    Schedule of the workshop

    The program is intensive, beginning monday morning September 1 and closing friday evening September 5 with a dinner party at a good restaurant. This means arrival no later than sunday August 31 and departure no sooner than saturday September 6. We plan to arrange an excursion to the mountains on wednesday afternoon September 3. The talks will be distributed in nine 3.5 hour morning and afternoon sessions each including one coffee break. Lunch and supper after the corresponding sessions. Such five carefully planned full workshop days should be as efficient as a longer and less intense period.

    • Sunday, August 31: arrival at Trento
    • Monday, September 1: registration and beginning of the workshop
    • Friday, September 5: end of the workshop and banquet
    • Saturday, September 6: departure


    Final registration with precise dates and hotel allocation will be handled by the ECT* secretariat. Initially the organizers need information about: Name, position, affiliation, full postal address, e-mail, title of suggested talk, a few lines about the intended content of the contribution, the minimum amount of financial support required, whether participation is definite or conditional.


    Registred participants are asked to provide a one-page abstract. A latex template (borrowed from a previous workshop) is available here.


    • Direct invitations should be answered before December 1, 2002.
    • Other participants signing up before January 31, 2003.
    • Registration for participation and hotels at ECT* before May 1, 2003.
    • One page abstracts of talks with key references before August 15, 2003.
    • Contributions to proceedings at workshop or before October 15, 2003.