CLUMPY  Version_2015.06_corr2 [released 19/11/2015]
CLUMPY Documentation
If you use CLUMPY, please cite
Charbonnier, Combet, Maurin, CPC 183, 656 (2012)
Bonnivard, Hütten, Nezri, Charbonnier, Combet, Maurin (arXiv 1506.07628)

To install the code and have a quick overview before getting started, please visit the following pages:


05/2015 - Second release (v2015.06) -Bonnivard, Hütten, Nezri, Charbonnier, Combet, Maurin (arXiv 1506.07628)

Hi! In this release, we included the following new features:

  • Jeans' analysis (interfaced with the MCMC GreAT): see, e.g., Bonnivard et al. (2015);
  • Use of HEALPix coordinates, FITS and .root output files;
  • Gamma-ray and neutrino spectra from PPPC4DMID;
  • Map smoothing by Gaussian beam;
  • Triaxiality option for Galactic halo and halo lists;
  • Concentration of haloes drawn from a distribution, boost up to any level of substructures.

Versions and patches:

  • 11/2015: V2015.06_corr2 (energy range keywords for integrated spectrum added, decay half-time->lifetime, and other minor bugs: match CPC release)
  • 07/2015: V2015.06_corr1 (bug fixed in bootstrap jeans analysis + simpler HEALPIX installation + pop. stuty plots saved .root)
  • 06/2015: V2015.06 (for CPC submisison)

The new CLUMPY crew
Vincent, Moritz, Emmanuel, Aldée, Céline, and David


09/2011 - First release (v2011.09) - Charbonnier, Combet, Maurin, CPC 183, 656 (2012)
Hi guys!

We hope you will enjoy using CLUMPY whether you are

  • an experimentalist looking for realistic $\gamma$-ray skymaps to calculate your new instrument sensitivity, or simply to use them in model/template analyses;
  • an astrophysicist, e.g. working on the DM content of dSphs, who wishes to calculate the J factor;
  • a theoretician who wants to plug his/her preferred particle physics model and see what is the corresponding $\gamma$-ray flux in the Galaxy/dSph, etc.

Versions and patches:

The CLUMPY crew
Aldée, Céline, and David